Educational Programs Offered

ASPIRE offers the following educational programs:

  • New Beginnings Program (Center-Based Home Instruction)
  • Traditional Home Instruction
  • Virtual Classes

New Beginnings Program

In this program, students in K-12 are able to make a fresh start with their academic work. The New Beginnings Program offers a half day program in a small group atmosphere where learning is comfortable, allowing students to find success and build their confidence.

With a teacher to student ratio not exceeding 1:5, students are able to have social interactions with their peers while working on activities at their own specific grade level. The curriculum is either provided by the school district or by ASPIRE. ASPIRE's curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Students in the New Beginnings Program also receive weekly counseling with our therapists to help them obtain the skills needed to successfully return to their home school district. Weekly academic updates are provided to their school along with electronic copies of all completed work.

The New Beginnings Program is designed to assist students who are not finding success in the traditional classroom. Our ultimate goal is to return the student to the traditional school setting with the skills needed to be successful. 

The New Beginnings Program is paid for by the school district.

Traditional Home Instruction

Our certified teachers work individually with K-12th grade students in their home, in their place of confinement, or at a convenient local setting. With traditional home instruction, students work on tasks that are assigned by their classroom teacher. We provide weekly academic updates along with electronic copies of all completed work to the students’ respective schools.

Similar to the New Beginnings Program, Traditional Home Instruction is paid for by the school district. When services are provided in a client’s home, an adult must be present at all times.

Virtual Classes

Through our virtual classes, we are able to offer a large selection of credit recovery classes or a chance to complete a requirement ahead of schedule for motivated students. These classes are offered throughout the year and must be approved by the student’s school district before enrollment.

At the completion of the course, the school district will receive a report with the final numeric grade and the district will determine the letter grade based on the school district handbook. 

Virtual classes are also a great way for home-schooled students to explore topics of interest. When the course is completed, a certificate of completion will be awarded for the home-schooled student’s transcript.

Virtual classes are typically paid for by the parent.  

Other Services Offered

ASPIRE offers various other programs for youth.

  • Weekly Counseling through the New Beginnings Program - Students enrolled in the New Beginnings Program receive weekly check-ins from our therapist. Our therapist shares skills and techniques to help students work through stressors related to schoolwork and maintains contact with outside medical providers to ensure continuity of care.
  • Counseling Services as required by IEP
  • Supplementary Instruction to Nonpublic Students
  • Compensatory Education – Math and Language Arts to Nonpublic Students
  • ESL Services to Nonpublic Students

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